At last, the Viroller

 ____  18th October 2018  ____

The unique vibratory bar that best suits your needs

After developing several prototypes over the last 5 years, and validating their use in various scientific publications for effective and safe vibration training, we are excited to launch one of the most innovative and versatile devices for physical training and rehabilitation, the Viroller.

The Viroller it is not just a simple vibratory bar.  It is used by elite athletes as a vibratory bar, foam roller and even as a small vibratory platform. The Viroller has been designed to satisfy the most demanding of athletes.

Foam roller with vibration

As a foam roller, you can use the Viroller to activate, massage and stretch your muscles in an effective way while enhancing muscle recovery. The Viroller is more effective, robust and durable than conventional foam rollers.

Vibratory bar

As a vibratory bar, the Viroller is structurally prepared to withstand the high demands of sports training. Its mobile grips allow you to conveniently choose the ideal hand position for each exercise.

Using its lateral anchors you can suspend the Viroller to perform exercises with vibration under different external load conditions. All of this is possible thanks to its ergonomic design, the high quality and robustness of its components (made entirely from stainless steel), its cutting edge vibration generator and the custom designed electronic control unit.

Vibratory platform

In addition, you can turn the Viroller into a vibratory platform by placing an accessory on the central body of the bar.  The platform then allows you to perform single and double leg exercises in incline and decline positions.

The Viroller is ideal for muscle activation (warm-up), strength training and muscle recovery. The Viroller helps you to feel prepared before, during and after training.

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