The exclusive and original sliding vibration platform

 ____  18th October 2018  ____

The Vislide is the latest innovation in vibration training designed by Viequipment

Viequipment, the leaders in devices for dynamic vibration exercises and the creators of the Vibalance, announce the launch of their newest product, the Vislide.

Above all, we have created the sliding vibration platform that we can be proud of.

Cardio workout

With the Vislide you can perform sliding exercises with vibration and low impact forces using programmed frequencies of vibration. Sliding under the effects of vibration stimulus is an essential complement to traditional cardio training with treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes and rowing machines.

Beyond sliding

The Vislide allows you to perform a multitude of strength exercises while taking advantage of the sliding properties of the platform such as pushups, body saw planks, forearm slides, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, eccentric hamstring curls, chest flies, band abductions, oblique climbers…

Stretching on the Vislide

By taking advantage of the sliding properties of the Vislide, you can perform dynamic stretches while easily regulating the intensity. Stretching on a sliding vibration platform has never been as effective.

Resistance exercises

Elastic bands can be anchored to any of the six anchor points of the Vislide to modify the resistance of your exercises. Bands with different resistance levels can be used to adapt to your training needs.

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