Vibalance 2.0

 ____  18th October 2018  ____

New skin, new look and stronger than ever

Vibalance is the only vibratory platform on the market that allows training with different degrees of stability in incline and decline positions, that can also be turned into a stable vibratory platform.  With the Vibalance, you can move with complete freedom while performing exercises with different levels of stability. 

A new concept in vibration training

We created the Vibalance to provide a tool that combines and enhances all the positive effects associated with vibratory stimulus and instability training. A tool designed to cover all segments dedicated to physical conditioning and rehabilitation.

One of the key factors in the development of the product was the replacement of the rubber dampers used by traditional vibration platforms with a high performance central spring. The quality of the vibration stimulus and the level of body disturbance exceeds all expectations, making the product the most versatile vibration platform on the market.

A new image

The Vibalance, used daily by the world’s elite football clubs, presents its new image. With an innovative, highly resistant and easy cleaning non-slip skin covering the entire platform, the Vibalance 2.0 allows the performance of many exercises comfortably and with a high level of adherence.

The new and durable skin of the anti-impact ring absorbs the constant shock of the vibration platform, maintaining at all times the performance of the vibratory stimulus.

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