The science behind the Viequipment products

 ____  20th December 2018  ____

The benefits of combining the vibratory stimulus and the unstable surfaces

Recently, several studies have focused their attention on the benefits of combining the vibratory stimulus and the unstable surfaces. A combination that Viequipment products have since birth.

Viequipment products as a preventive and rehabilitative tool

Whole body vibration using an unstable surface increases muscle activity in the lower extremities and trunk suggesting the combination of an unstable surface with whole body vibration may be effective as a preventive and rehabilitative tool.

Recommended readings

Marín PJ, Hazell TJ. Effects of whole-body vibration with an unstable surface on muscle activation. J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact. 2014;14(2):213–219.

Athletes with chronic ankle instability

Six weeks of whole body vibration training on an unstable surface improves balance in participants with chronic ankle instability.

Recommended readings

Sierra-Guzmán R., et al. Whole-Body–Vibration Training and Balance in Recreational Athletes With Chronic Ankle Instability. Journal of Athletic Training. 2018;53(4):355–363.

Sierra-Guzmán R., et al. Effects of Synchronous Whole Body Vibration Training on a Soft, Unstable Surface in Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 2017; 38(06): 447-455.

Combined vibration and wobble board training improves center of mass distribution, modified star excursion balance test scores, and single-leg triple hop for distance among footballers suffering ankle instability compared with wobble board training alone.

Recommended readings

Cloak R., et al.  Six-week combined vibration and wobble board training on balance and stability in footballers with functional ankle instability. Clin J Sport Med. 2013;23(5):384-91.

Bridging exercise on the whole body vibration is more effective than on the unstable surface

The stability of the trunk plays an important role in prevention and rehabilitation of the lumbar injury. Therefore, one of the main reasons of low back pain is the trunk instability. The bridging exercise is mainly used as one way to increase the trunk’s stability. The bridging exercise particularly needs more activity of the trunk muscles on the unstable surface than on the stable surface to maintain positions. Further, the bridging exercise on the whole body vibration is more effective at increasing trunk’s muscle activation than on the unstable surface.

Recommended readings

Kim W., et al. The trunk muscles activity on whole body vibration during bridging position in young healthy adults. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing. 2016;17(7): 949–956.

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